Sunday, October 10, 2010


Just discovered that i dislike blogging because i suck at writing and am lazy to blog and have better things to do like playing the piano and reading and going out with friends and eating and fbking and sms-ing and sleeping. I don't even bother using comma and just substitute it with 'and'.

Don't worry. I'm not going to stop blogging. I will come here if i feel upset or bored.

After all, my hobby/mood changes in an hour basis.

Shit, pmr hasn't over yet. And i'm acting like i don't care but actually i do care, just lazy to study.

Sms or leave me a message on fb if you need me. I'm kinda obsessed with both of them.

That's all.

Sunday, August 8, 2010


Was looking at my friends' Facebook photo albums.

Feel so sad after that...because they had friends with them inside the photos. I was and am still alone when camwhoring. My current facebook photo is me and my gramps, because that's the best I could find. (My cousin like it, anyway.)

I feel so alone, so lonely. My circle of friends is so freaking tiny. No new friends, only old ones. Here are the reasons why:
  • I am not socialized. (Stay at home every day, watch tv and play poker, never go out to meet friends.)
  • I never join any activity, in school or outside.
  • I have no self confidence. (Too shy. Scared to make eye contact with people when taking.)
  • I made a lot of enemies in school.
  • I am ugly. (Skin is too fair until girls are jealous of me, baby faced.)
  • Something about my personalities that make people dislike me. (Childish, annoying, etc.)
  • I am lame and outdated.
I think that's all. If you can think of anymore, don't tell me because I'll literally cry.

Who is willing to be my friend, email me at Just joking. The email is fake as well. (Lame)

Seriously, I have to go make some friends. By logging on Facebook regularly. And get an internet connection to my phone in order to do that. And screw my blog because it ain't gonna help me make friends.

Bye. Find me on Facebook.

Thursday, August 5, 2010


4th August

0000 (midnight): Ten! Nine! Eight! Seven! Six! Five! Four! Three! Two! One! (Fireworks) HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

Of course that did not happen. I was sleeping. Nobody, not even fireworks, could wake me up, so I wouldn't know if that had happened.

0500 (estimated time): Woke up suddenly, but still lying in bed. Seeing it's not bright yet, I said happy birthday to myself and slept again.

0745: Woke up.

0900: Started my last minute piano practice for two hours. Kept playing scales and arpeggios until I got it right. Bang bang bang bang bang BANG BANG BANG. ♪

1100: Chow time. Ate 3 drumsticks as my birthday lunch.

1200: Mum called the taxi and asked the driver to come at 12.30-1.00.

1205: The taxi came. So damn early. My exam time was 3.04. We left the house a few minutes later after it came anyway.

1220: Reached Oriental Crystal Hotel. Went to register. After that went to toilet. Quite scared while entering the toilet because no one's inside and my friend told me that the hotel was haunted. Kept saying prayers while urinating. How silly of me.

1230: Ended up having 2 hours plus to kill. Luckily there's a Metro shopping mall nearby, so we went shopping. Mum wanted to shop for a new pair of jeans, I just needed time to calm myself down.

1430: Went back to the hotel. Metro wasn't that good for a shopping center. There's a lot of narrow hallways and it looked like a maze.

My piano teacher came and talked to my mum for a while. She said my piano skills were okay. I thought I was going to fail. She said Yan Yi was also okay. (Yan Yi, tell me your marks please~)

1504: Received a birthday greeting from Shio Kee. Kinda amused me. Haha.

1505: It's my turn. OMG. I was so nervous.

The examiner was a young English man. It's not him that made me nervous. I could hear my heart thumping furiously.

I screwed up some scales. I was not used to the heavy sound of the piano. It sounded so different from mine. The keys were slippery that I didn't dare to exert too much force. Screwed up a lot in the first piece too, as well as the sight-reading. Sang off tune in the first aural test. Didn't know if I got the rest correct. All I wanted to do was to get out of that freaking place.

1520: Finally he said, "That's it. You're done," and I sighed with relief when we shook hands.

Had to control myself from running. The first thing they asked was certainly "ok ah?" I shook my head at them. I thought I failed my exam. I couldn't be sure, because grade 1 I thought I failed too, but I got distinction. The same goes for grade 3, I got a pass but failed my sight-reading.

If I failed this time, served me right because I did not practice regularly.

1600: Home sweet home. Felt so exhausted after a day of nervousness and tension.

1700: Sleep time.

1850: Woke up. Since it's my birthday, we ordered pizza. Yum.

Halfway through demolishing the pizzas, my mother realized that we forgot to put candles on the pizza and sing happy birthday song. We didn't order a birthday cake because I hate it.

2100: Received birthday messages from my friends one by one. Kinda happy actually, to think someone had still remembered that it's my birthday. Watched tv, just like any other days.

Life's slowly returning to normal.


5th August

Logged on to my Facebook account because my friends said they had left some comments yesterday. I rarely checked my Facebook because I thought it was boring, except for poker.

I wasn't expecting so many people to wish me happy birthday. Needed a few minutes to reply all the greetings with "thx~:)" "thx bro" "thx~^^" "thx~xD". Haha. Thanks for all your greetings! Muackzz~

Conclusion: Birthday is just an ordinary day, the only thing is you get a hell lot of birthday greetings from your family and friends. :)

Friday, July 30, 2010

Screw up

Just screwed up all of the pieces during piano lesson, as well as sight reading. My singing sucks too. I don't know whether I can pass my exam 5 days later or not.

Now my friends are at some restaurants celebrating Shio Kee, Shi En and Jia Hwei's birthday because they were all born in August. I was invited too, but I couldn't go because of the piano lesson. Sorry. Maybe they would have more fun together, without me there. I'm just so annoying and probably be neglected, anyway.

Off to sleep. Bye. zzZ

Sunday, July 4, 2010

99 days to PMR~

Oh my god...god help me...

Today marks the 99th day before the damn PMR examination. Shit, I haven't even prepared yet. God damn it...god you really have to help me. Ahhh~damn this PMR shit. Make me nervous like hell...

I really do say a lot of vulgar words. God please don't be mad at me, I can't help it...that's because I read all those books that contain a lot on sex and taboo words. Shit, my mind is slowly being corrupted. Whatever, I'm in my puberty period.

Basically my current life is eat, sleep, shit, read (not revision books), play online poker and win fake money. If you see me doing revision, you can go buy lottery already. I know PMR is around the corner...but I'm too freaking lazy to go study. I'm so fucking lazy~oh my god.

Anyway, let me brag about my mid-year exam results...

BM 83 (Fucking hard, extra marks added by teacher)
BI 92 (Easy)
BC 74 (Fucking hard, extra marks added by teacher, grade B)
Science 88 (Okay)
Maths 90 (Easy)
Sejarah 82 (Easy)
Geografi 87 (Easy)
KH 80 (Easy)

Moral 82 (Okay)
Sivik 81 (WTF)
PJ 65 (WTH)
Seni 62 (Fuck Seni)

9A 2B 1C.

If you count in the 4 unimportant subjects, I got number 7 in class. But class teacher said she's gonna try to make the report card to exclude the 4 subjects. Aikss...if liddat I'm gonna get number 10+ already...

Speaking of exams, today is also exactly 1 month before my piano practical exam...which is also my birthday. Damn it, why this ABRSM likes to choose 4 August for exams...the previous year also liddat. Now I'm so afraid of my birthday...funny huh? Hahaha.


Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Offline blogging

I have a few things to do today.

Firstly, wish Benny happy birthday. Next, blog. Have been postponing it for 3 days. Don't wanna delay anymore. Then, if possible, practise the piano. Exam is coming near; 3 months to go. Not to mention PMR, because currently I don't have study mood.

Feel moody. And tired. Don't wanna do anything. Just sit there, thinking about things. And pen it down. Like I'm having period. PMS, more likely. Except that I don't menstruate.

Teacher is standing there, talking, joking. Little register into my mind, because I'm not playing attention. I'm here, writing. Writing faster than my usual boring composition.

Feel like urinating. Waiting for recess. After recess, Mandarin class. Will be boring. Very boring.

Thinking about the resolution I had made this morning, that is, cut down on swearing. Swearing too much will be punished by God. It's true. Yesterday I 'fucked' too much, then I had a severe headache. Well, I'll still remain the 'damns' and 'shits' and 'hells'. They're not such a strong word as fuck.

Now thinking about riding a motorcycle. Imagining. But still nice. Heard that anyone can get a license when he/she reaches 16. August 4th, 2011 will be when I reach 16. Approximately 1 year and 3 months more. Riding a bike seems cool; just don't crash yourself into a ditch.

I 'blogged' this at school, during History class. Too freakin' bored.

Sorry for letting you get bored with me.